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How to Cut Foam Board

How To Cut Foam Board for a Clean Finish

Anyone who has ever tried cutting foam board understands the difficulty involved. Knowing how to cut foam board to get clean, professional-looking edges requires a little know-how, but it's a skill you can master with practice.
by Sean McCafferty on January 20, 2023
Guide to Making Foam Board Architectural Models

Guide to Making Foam Board Architectural Models

Showing a client the architecture drawings you've prepared for their...
by Sean McCafferty on September 27, 2022
Foam Core Mounting

Foam Board Mounting 101: What Is Foam Core Mounting?

Educators, art school students, photographers, marketing teams and picture framers have all needed foam core mounting at one time or another. Even if you haven't had to do any foam board mounting yourself, you've certainly come across versatile foam core boards in your daily life.
by Sean McCafferty on September 12, 2022
Foam Core Photography

Guide to Using Foam Core for Photography

Of all the uses for foam core, photography may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet photographers the world over rely on foam core (aka foam board) for photography and video shoots.
by Sean McCafferty on July 11, 2022
What Are Foam Boards Used For?

What Are Foam Boards Used For?

Interested in finding out more uses for foam board? From the classroom to the architect's office, there are dozens of foam board uses for projects of all sizes. Learn more about using foam board to enhance your next project or display with our guide.
by Sean McCafferty on April 08, 2022
Gatorfoam Foam Board - What Is It?

Gatorfoam Foam Board - What Is It?

Gatorfoam® Gator Board Gatorfoam® gator board is an extruded polystyrene...
by Gene Waxman on September 23, 2021



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