Acid Free Foam Board

Acid Free Foam Board

Purchase acid-free foam board, also known as acid-free foam core or mounting board, when conservation framing is required for your valuable artwork. Our acid-free mounting boards have the same memory and rigidity as standard foam boards but with the added benefit of an acid-free surface for archival-quality mounting and conservation framing. Choose from ultra-thin pre-cut sizes or standard 3/16" acid-free foam board to suit your needs. We can always provide custom-size acid-free foam board if our pre-cut options don't fit your project. Order acid-free foam boards online at today!

Acid Free 1/8" Foam Board - Ultra Thin - Pre-Cut Sizes


Acid Free 3/16" Foam Board - Pre-Cut Sizes


3/16” Acid Free Foam Board 25 Pack


Uses for Acid-Free Foamcore Board

Artists, collectors, framers, photographers and craftspeople can use acid-free foam board from for a wide variety of projects. Our site features products that come pre-cut in thin or standard thicknesses, but you can contact us for custom options to suit your needs. Acid-free foam core is most commonly used as a mounting board for artwork and prints intended for conservation framing.

Mounting and conservation framing are the processes used to display fine art or photographs using "archival" materials that will not damage, deteriorate or stain the image or the acid-free paper it's on. Mounting prepares high-end artwork for framing, keeping it flat to avoid wrinkling, bending or warping. An acid-free mount board can be used as an archival mounting board because it has a barrier between the foam and the art, which contains no harmful acids or harsh chemicals. This promotes the piece's health over a long period of time and preserves it through the aging process.

Along with framing, acid-free boards can be used to safely store art prints, whether on their own or in portfolios. You can also use an acid-free foamcore board in the same ways you would use a regular foam board, like for knife and die cuts, since it has the same level of rigidity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acid-Free Foam Board

Customers at our site often want to know more about acid-free foam boards, so we hope to do our best to answer helpful questions they might have.

What Is an Acid-Free Foam Board?

An acid-free foam board is a type of archival mounting board that features an acid-free barrier on top of the foam core. It is typically used as a mounting board for artwork to prepare it for conservation framing. Since acid-free foam board has an archival surface that contains no harmful gases, harsh chemicals, acids or other damaging pollutants, it is the only foam board that will help prevent the art from being degraded over time.

Is All Foamcore Board Acid-Free?

No. Only foam board that is listed as "acid-free" qualifies as completely acid-free foamcore board. Standard foam boards that come at a lower price contain materials that are not suited for conservation purposes because they lack the archival surface that protects artwork — however, these materials are not harmful for other general purposes. But if your intended use is for storing, archiving or framing high-end artwork with a backing board, acid-free foam core is the way to go for protection.

Is Acid-Free Foam Board Archival?

For most purposes, acid-free foam board would be considered an archival mounting board because the non-acidic barrier acts as an archival surface to protect your art and the paper on which it is printed. It is an appropriate choice for conservation framing. However, in certain instances, it may not technically be considered "archival" if the foam slowly gasses over an incredibly long period of time.

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Whether you're a professional framer in need of acid-free foam boards for archival-quality mounting and conservation framing, an artist looking for a mounting board for artwork, a collector using acid-free foam core to preserve precious prints, a photographer doing picture framing or any crafter looking for high-quality, acid-free boards, is your source. We offer affordable shipping options and various sizes to suit every project — including yours!

Along with acid-free mounting boards, you'll find a large selection of quality foam board in stock at a good value for all sorts of uses, including self-adhesive foam board products. We're the only foam board store you need. Search our site for acid-free foam boards and much more today!

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