Gatorfoam Foam Board - What Is It?

by Gene Waxman on September 23, 2021

Gatorfoam® Gator Board

Gatorfoam® gator board is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. Gator boards don't warp or bend under normal conditions. It's a heavy duty yet versatile foam board, and arguably one of the toughest foam boards you can buy.

The product is designed for long life and is used in a great many use cases due to it's ease of cutting, it's incredible durability and rigidity compared with regular foam boards, and because it is incredibly lightweight considering it's toughness.

A big difference between regular foam board and Gatorfoam gator boards is that Gatorfoam handles moisture and moisture absorption significantly better and for longer then regular foam boards, which would be more prone to holding water (if in a situation where it is near or exposed to it).  This fact alone pushes many Fortune 1000 companies to choose Gatorfoam boards for their signage and image mounting needs.

Gatorboard vs Foam Core

Gatorfoam boards are generally not intended for outdoor use, and particularly long-term outdoor use.  Although they are water-resistant boards and incredibly rigid and durable, they will not very long when under long-term outdoor conditions created by the natural elements.  For normal short-term outdoor use as signage or other uses, they are fine.  

Where Gatorfoam truly shines is in its extreme rigidity where signage or other usage needs to be transported or moved around.  Because of the boards extreme rigidity they will not warp or bend under any normal circumstances.  This allows the messaging to remain pristine and the boards to maintain their flatness and integrity .

Regular foam core boards are better for shorter-term, low budget signage and campaigns.  They are generally not water-resistant and dent and warp much easier then Gatorfoam boards, which is also why they are much less expensive.

If you need the highest quality foam board for your project or you do not want your signage or boards to warp or bend, you can't do much better then Gatorfoam foam boards. Whatever your intended use, Gatorfoam boards are a delight to work with. offers Gatorfoam in a variety of sizes and will even cut your order to just about any size you need.

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