Using Foam Board to Make Protest Signs and Lawn Signs

by Gene Waxman on September 02, 2021

Using Foam Board to Make Protest Signs and Lawn Signs

Foam board is an excellent material for making protest signs. It is durable, lightweight, and inexpensive, so it can be used to make signs of all sizes. Foam board is also easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife and paintable with any number of craft paints or magic markers. Additionally polypropylene plastic also makes an excellent material for signs that might face outdoor conditions and will last longer then regular foam board.


 Foam Boards are sturdier then most other materials used for signs, as it is more rigid and meant for mounting posters, images or other materials that will be used in signage. Due to this rigidness it makes a great material for lawn signs, protest signs and activism signs to promote or support whatever cause or organization you want to, and will be sturdy enough to be used many times over.

Using lawn signs for activism of all kinds is an American right and way of life. From small lawn signs to large protest signs or signs depicting support for something or someone, has you covered. Our regular white foam board signs are perfect for writing out your own messages or pasting images or printed messages right on the signs. While foam boards can be used for lawn signs, they aren’t always the best choice for using to brave the elements. That’s why also offers polypropylene plastic signs that will stand the test of time against the weather. Additionally you can write on them and mount images, printed materials and other things on them.

There are some very common sizes that are used in making signs, and we carry all of them pre-cut and ready to use with your group or organization. Those main sizes are:

  • 11” x 14” in both Foam Board and Polypropylene Plastic

  • 11” x 17” in both Foam Board and Polypropylene Plastic

  • 12” x 18” in both Foam Board and Polypropylene Plastic

  • 18” x 24” in both Foam Board and Polypropylene Plastic

Our signage materials are very competitively priced and we only sell the highest quality materials in the industry. With all of choices of ideas and projects to be involved in, why not keep the choices of signage simple? When it comes to signage offers a variety of popular materials and sizes for your next event.

You can find a selection of signs at this link: