11x14 Polypropylene Signs
11x14 Polypropylene Sign Boards
11x14 Polypropylene Signs for Yards
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11"x 14" Polypropylene Activist Signs & Lawn Signs

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If you ever wanted to create signs for your lawn that promote your open house, your garage sale, your political or activist messaging, or just want to send the world a message of love we have you covered. Our 11x14” polypropylene signs are cut perfectly to the size that you and your friends can use and allow them to convey whatever messaging you want.

Our boards are cut for perfect signs of all kinds.  Foam board is best suited for indoor events or short-term outdoor durations so we recommend these polypropylene boards as an alternative.

  • Garage Sales
  • FSBO and Open Houses
  • Lawn and Advertising Signs

Standard Thickness (4 mm)

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in manufacturing many different products.  Our polypropylene sheets are the perfect thickness for using in signage and other usage while still allowing the end user to be able to cut the product easily and cleanly.

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11x14” Polypropylene Signs Features & Benefits

  • Amazingly Light Weight
  • Easy to Cut
  • Ultra Smooth Surfaces


Suggested Uses for 11x14” Polypropylene Sign Boards

  • Political and Civics Related Signs
  • Protest Signs
  • Garage Sales
  • FSBO and Open Houses
  • Lawn and Advertising Signs

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