There are other uses for Foam Core Boards in photography. Foam Core Boards can be used to manipulate the light so you can reflect fill light into dark areas, create dramatic shadows, and minimize reflections on products being shot.

At, you'll find the Foam Core backdrop that you need to get the perfect shot. Whether you're looking for a black or white V-Flat for photography (or both), you'll find high-quality foam board in the size that works for you. Find your black or white foam board for photography V-Flats at

The Best V-Flat for Photography

We can custom-cut your Foam Core Board to the required size for your V-Flat. Whether you need a full-sized backdrop or V-Flat reflectors, we have the Foam Core Boards you need to create the right V-Flat for your photo shoot. Is Your Best Source for V-Flat Foam Core

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Fast Processing & Shipping Times

Order your Foam Core Boards for photography V-Flats before 2 pm ET, and we'll process your request the same day. (Excludes custom orders.)

Premium Quality

Our Foam Core boards are made in the USA, sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry and are affordably priced to ensure your total satisfaction.

Unrivaled Customer Service

Got a question about your Foam Core Boards for lighting control in photography or V-Flat needs or other products and services? Check out our FAQ page or contact us – we're always happy to help.

Bulk Foam Core Boards for Photography

Large photo studios go through a lot of foam board. That's when it's a good idea to buy in bulk. Along with standard foam boards, we have Gatorfoam® and Ryno Board® for those applications that call for a more rigid base. Check out our full selection of bulk foam boards online.

Buying your Foam Core Boards in bulk saves you money and time. We know you have better things to do – and more exciting ways to spend your budget!

Beyond the Foam Board Backdrop

As photographers know, there are plenty of other uses for foam boards in addition to providing the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot. Other applications include:

  • Mobile Studios: Foam board's portability makes it convenient to take along a V-Flat board when you're shooting on location.
  • White Foam Board Lighting Effects: When you want to minimize dark spots in your photo, foam board acts as a fill light, while V-Flat reflectors made of white foam board cast a soft, diffused light on your subject.
  • Black Foam Board Hacks: Black foam board is used as a flag to block out light when taking low-key images. You can also cut shapes out of black foam board, put a light behind it and cast a pattern onto your backdrop to create a lovely effect.
  • Photo Mount Boards & Displays: Aside from the actual photo shoot, you can use foam board for pictures. To display photos on foam board, just spray mount them into place. You can also use V-Flats to create storyboards for client presentations.

Order the Best V-Flat Board From

Make sure your studio is ready for your next photo shoot – order your photography V-Flats today. While you're at it, make sure you have the foam board tools and supplies you need for set-up. Browse our selection of V-Flats for sale at!

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