Foam Board Solutions for Architects and Interior Designers

For architects and interior designers, foam board architectural models are essential components of the job. Building models for clients requires high-quality materials that will help you achieve professional-looking results. For the best materials for architectural models and interior design, has all you need. Find all the products required to build your model, including the tools that make your task that much easier.

Interior Design Foam Boards Hand-Picked Just for You

Our extra-thick black Gatorfoam makes the perfect base for your foam board house or other architectural model, while our ultra-thin white foam board cuts like a dream and makes assembly easy. All of the architectural model foam we sell is high quality, featuring the rigidity you need to create clean cuts and crisp edges. The dent-resistant surface assures a professional presentation. Better quality materials also mean that your model can withstand sprays and solvent glues, holding up far better than cheaper scale model materials you'll find elsewhere. 

Why Choose Us

You know how to make architectural models – our expertise is in sourcing the finest quality products in the industry so you can make the best models possible. The team of creative experts has over 40 years in the art supply industry. Our goal is to provide you with superior, competitively priced foam board products, outstanding service available when you need it and convenient delivery to your doorstep. 

More Options, Better Quality

We offer hundreds of foam board sizes in various styles to meet your needs. The foam core modeling supplies we offer are designed for ease of use and durable performance. We want to be your one and only shop for pre-cut architect model material. Need a big batch of foam board? We can handle orders for bulk foam board online.

 Quick Turnaround

Place your order for interior design foam boards by 2 pm EST, and your order will be processed that same day (unless it's a custom order). Your order ships within two days, arriving 2-5 days after that. (See all the details on our shipping & return policy page.)

At Your Service is always happy to answer your questions. You can check out our FAQ page, but if you don't see an answer to your question, give us a call. We're here to help you bring your foam board house and other architectural projects to life. 

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Why Is Foam Board Good for Modeling?

When choosing materials to make an architectural model, foam boards are at the top of the list. Architects and designers know that quality foam boards give them the flexibility they need to create life-like models that will please clients and provide an accurate rendering of their house, office building or commercial property during the planning stages.

You can bend and shape thin foam board – or cut and connect it – to make rooms, stairways and furniture. Heavy foam board can be used to make floors and represent outbuildings. Use either type to create models of people to illustrate scale.

The Benefits of Architectural Models

Architects create foam board architectural models (and those using other materials) to help clients visualize how the finished product will look. Models are beneficial for the client because they can ensure the architect shares their vision for the completed project. Having a model can help sell an idea that might otherwise never get off the ground.

An architectural model brings to light potential construction concerns that may not have come up in discussing the project. Addressing these problems at the planning stage allows the architect and builder to save time and money as the project progresses.

foam board architectural models for architects

Make Sure You Have All the Tools You Need 

Those who know how to make architectural models also understand that using the right tools can make the job immeasurably easier. Before starting on your next project, check out our selection of foam board tools and supplies:

Yes, We Have Interior Design Foam Boards in Custom Sizes

At, we have a large selection of materials for foam board architectural models and just about any project that uses foam boards. Need custom Vflat foam boards or another special size? Contact us and we will have a quote for you shortly!


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